VM3 Media is a media consulting firm specializing in brand management, communication needs, social media marketing and news writing. With a decade of experience in corporate and artistic event planning, show production, promotion and copywriting, VM3 Media is managed by our premier brand, JaVonni Brustow, Editor-in-Chief of celebrity news publication PopGlitz and conservative news outlet MogulPundit, also serving in the capacity of Media Consultant. Ranking one of the top social media influencers in the nation’s capitol, our owner JaVonni has the ability to bring any organization’s message the traction it needs through his connections in press, policy and business. JaVonni hosts PopGlitz Radio Sundays Live at 3pm EST and appears on Breitbart Radio with Sonnie Johnson on the Did She Say That podcast available on iTunes. From social media training to shadow writing and crisis management to reclaim your brand avoiding catastrophe, we offer a range of modern solutions to open your business up to more potential clientele and stakeholders.

Clients hail effective communication as a staple in business and inefficiencies in messaging and strategy can cause loss of business. New age media including social media campaigns, effective blog articles and trusted name recognition are all things necessary in succeeding in today’s business climate, all things embodied at VM3 Media. Who better to aid in your quest for brand recognition than a known brand itself? Through our multiple high traffic websites and high volume social media accounts, VM3 Media can can add your product, client or brand into the mix for our the attention of our audience and business stakeholders.


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Pop Glitz is a celebrity news publication both informative on the latest in pop culture to its unrelenting snark from owner JaVonni Brustow, better known as The Media Mogul. The site began following years of JaVonni writing for and managing multiple pop culture publications, watching the owners lose interest and walk away from their work, thus inspiring the birth of Pop Glitz in 2012. Topics can range from the latest Beyonce record to red carpet at the Grammy’s to our take on the state of the industry.This site is owned by a former assistant choir director for a mega church, concert producer and a Republican, so real talent and the ability to sing is greatly valued here. Also JaVonni is a strong believer in capitalism so talent be damned, if it makes an artist money, by law of supply and demand, we are all for it. As long as there is a group of people interested in their product, we are not far behind to cover it.

Pop Glitz is a brand extension of VM3 Media, a Washington, DC based media and communications consulting firm with a decade of event planning, show production, promotion and copywriting.

JaVonni featFounder and Principal: JaVonni Brustow
JaVonni Brustow is a Communications and Media Consultant with a decade of experience in event production, news editing and administering best practices in business management. JaVonni gained his musical background as an assistant choir director for a Washington area mega church, going on to become a concert producer for DC Gospel Events, brokering relationships with many gospel artists in the Washington metropolitan area. He later joined forces with PR professional Bryan Sharpe for the now defunct celebrity news site DefGlam, aiding in the expansion and management along with Ms Stylistik among others.

Coming from a family of business owners in the commercial transportation, contracting and real estate arenas, JaVonni was raised with an entrepreneurial spirit. Starting his career with Steptoe & Johnson and working over the years for a national union and in global poverty relief he’s learned policy for both the working American and those who need help and direction the most around the world.

As friends of JaVonni’s began running for office while working in mental health for the District of Columbia, he began to take time to learn inclusive urban development that would allow all to take part in a changing city landscape. Championing his hard work ethic over the years, sharing resources that would allow others to do the same, it was at this time JaVonni joined the Republican Party as he felt the best way for the community to improve was not by government but in trusting the actions of the community itself. He has done commentary on BBC World Service Radio, Breitbart Sirius XM Radio, Breitbart Podcasts and Washington DC’s Fox 5. JaVonni can be heard hosting PopGlitz Radio Sundays Live at 3pm EST on BlogTalkRadio and appears on Breitbart Radio with Sonnie Johnson on the Did She Say That podcast available on iTunes.

JaVonni has grown to become a trusted name both in business and community advocacy in Washington with his media and communications company VM3 Media managing the government news site MogulPundit and celebrity news site Pop Glitz.
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Teonny Spears featWriter: Teonny Spears
25 year-old Teonny Spears, is from a small town in Louisiana, where he currently lives. A fan of Pop music, Teonny began writing at a small age because he simply didn’t like getting dirty as a child, and preferred to stay inside. His earlier writings consisted of short stories and poetry, and in 2005, he began blogging for fun on Myspace about his favorite artists. After building a love for entertainment news, he began working for Defglam.com, and launched his own weekly show in 2009 called EnterSHADEment Talk, a web-show that featured celebrity gossip, news, TV/movie talk and fashion. After 8 seasons and over 200 episodes, Teonny decided to end the show in 2012. He shortly left Defglam in the same year.In 2012, Teonny became the Pop Culture Expert for Sinuous Magazine, an online publication dedicated to providing a multicultural exploration of art, entertainment, fashion and social issues through a mix of news and thought pieces. After a three-year run, Teonny left the publication to pursue new interests, and now resides at PopGlitz.com, as the Editor-in-Chief, where he specializes in Pop Music. Teonny is part of a collective called The Bloginati, a Multifaceted group with people who touch on several forms of media.Facebook | Twitter
Patrick Washington featWriter: Patrick WashingtonPatrick N. Washington is a resident and native of Central Virginia. He has been engaged in political activism since he was a teenager. Patrick is the former vice-chair of the Petersburg Republican Committee. He presently serves as secretary of the Hopewell Republican Committee and as vice-chair of the Hopewell Electoral Board. He is also an ordained minister and has presided over the Enlightenment Synagogue since 2012.
Junior Lowe featWriter: Junior Lowe
PJunior Lowe is a vibrant, opinionated, multi-talented 25 year old from a small town in St. Catherine Jamaica. He later moved to Kingston to peruse his ambition for higher education.
He has donated a lot of his time to charity and volunteerism and has worked in the finance department and also operated as an Assistant Event Coordinator for reputable Jamaican companies.
Nick Poling featWriter: Nick PolingThe Nick is an old millennial at the ripe age of 34. Grew up in projects of the greater Seattle metropolitan area listening to mostly R&B, rap, and hip hop music as a youth. He finished High School in Baltimore County where he was introduced to punk rock and political activism.After High School he traveled the country hopping trains and hitch hiking spending time at various protests, rainbow gatherings, and similar events during his travels. This experience gave him great insight into various points of view and walks of life.

The Nick is currently married and a father of four residing in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an avid gaming fan, and tech aficionado. His views have changed over the years from a wide eyed idealist to a pragmatic libertarian leaning independent who values freedom of choice and truth.

Kevin KennedyWriter: Kevin KennedyKevin hails from New York City where he is a marketing associate by day and blogger by night. Though a sports writer by trade, Kevin won’t shy away from a pop culture or music piece. When he isn’t watching sports or writing, you can find Kevin upstate snowboarding or making videos on YouTube (that never get enough views).






Michael Brewer featWriter: Michael T. Brewer
Pop Music Aficionado, Video Game and Comic Book nerd, Producer/Host of Rushdown Radio, Michael T. Brewer is a passionate journalist who has been a contributing writer for various digital media in Chicago, IL. Currently a student at Harold Washington College pursing a degree in Journalism, Michael continues to sharpen his skills and further expanding his musical repertoire.His diverse musical tastes stems from his childhood. With five older siblings living together during the 90s, his home was filled with music from Nirvana, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Anita Baker, No Doubt, Tupac and so many others. Michael has a deep love and admiration for Pop music specifically. Michael is dedicated to perfecting his craft to critique Pop music with an analytical approach and scope that is not synonymous with the genre.Facebook | Twitter
Aziza Shuler
Writer: Aziza Shuler
Aziza is a 22 year old journalist from Washington, D.C. After earning her B.S. in Communications from St. John’s University in New York City in 2015, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her journalism and broadcasting career. Aziza is now a media consultant and writer for PopGlitz.com. She considers herself a media chameleon, covering everything including entertainment, breaking news, TV/Film, music, sports, and more!In her spare time, Aziza enjoys pageantry because it allows her to empower young girls and women, and also helps her perfect her poise, grace, and confidence as a reporter.Inquires: Aziza_shuler@yahoo.comFacebook | Twitter
Patrice LancasterBusiness Consultant: Patrice Lancaster
Ms. Lancaster’s professional experience in government and the not-for-profit industry fostered her passion to help people reach their full potential. She provides assistance to individuals, small businesses, and community organizations in the development and implementation of effective public relations strategies including social media consultation and event planning. Ms. Lancaster’s grassroots approach, while unconventional, has allowed her to serve in industries such as fashion, politics, health care, and real estate. Several of her campaigns have been featured in national media and she is a regular contributor to blogs, local radio shows and podcasts.Facebook
Sean Morgan featChief Operating Officer: Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan is a lifetime resident of Cedar Heights in Prince Georges County, Maryland. He’s dedicated his life to volunteer and public service. In 2010 Sean had started his work in politics working alongside community activist Gregory Hall on his first campaign and also worked with entrepreneur and political adviser LaTasha Ward. That same year he worked for Progressive Maryland where he fought for working class families and was able to educate voters on numerous candidates running for office in Prince Georges County. Sean went on to work with numerous political campaigns, in 2011 he worked with Lillie Thompson-Martin to manage her campaign for her return to the mayors office after stepping down from public office, but not from service. That race was the town’s most contested race in history. Mayor Martin won her election in 2011, hired Sean again in 2013 and won with a landslide defeating the sitting Vice-Mayor.

This young extraordinaire was appointed as a board member of Need People U Trust Incorporated then, later served as acting volunteer executive director serving the homeless population in Prince Georges County, Maryland and District of Columbia. Sean went to serve on numerous other campaigns in various leadership roles, and also served in his community and surrounding communities advocating and working with citizens on various issues. He recently served as the Deputy Campaign Manager for State Senator Victor Ramirez‘ campaign and contracted consultant for Board of Education vice chair Carolyn Boston. Sean continues to be a young leader in his community by serving as the Community Government Liaison for Corinth Baptist Church, where he has been an active member for over 15 years also serving on the Deacon Board for 5 years now. Sean serves on numerous Boards of Directors for various different organizations and has co-founded Lifting Communities Everywhere (501(c)3.