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Pop Music Aficionado, Video Game and Comic Book nerd, Producer/Host of Rushdown Radio, Michael T. Brewer is a passionate journalist who has been a contributing writer for various digital media in Chicago, IL. Currently a student at Harold Washington College pursing a degree in Journalism, Michael continues to sharpen his skills and further expanding his musical repertoire.

His diverse musical tastes stems from his childhood. With five older siblings living together during the 90s, his home was filled with music from Nirvana, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Anita Baker, No Doubt, Tupac and so many others. Michael has a deep love and admiration for Pop music specifically. Michael is dedicated to perfecting his craft to critique Pop music with an analytical approach and scope that is not synonymous with the genre.

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PopGlitz Radio Season 2 Airs 3pm Sundays on BlogTalkRadio

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PopGlitz.com Enters the K-Pop Media Market

Committed to diversity in topic and a willingness to cater to a diverse audience, our entertainment brand PopGlitz.com has entered the K-Pop media market. Through a series of articles, album reviews and interviews done by our writer Michael Brewer, PopGlitz.com is officially expanding into Korean Pop.

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Happy New Year from VM3 Media!

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Michael Brewer Joins PopGlitz.com as Interviewer & K-Pop Expert

Entertainment writer Michael Brewer has been hired for PopGlitz.com as a K-Pop expert who will also be doing album reviews and interviews. Mr. Brewer joins us with a resume of being a radio host with a wide range of musical interests allowing him to be a versatile...Read More »