Mogul Pundit is a conservative news publication based in Washington, DC grown out of the realization of the nation’s capitol being an echo chamber of the Democratic Party. Little evidence of the existence of Republicans is to be found and those that are in the area are keep it to themselves for fear of negative stigma. It is no secret that adding the Republican label to your name in Washington can be seen as political and career suicide, but someone has to do it.

Our owner JaVonni Brustow spent a decade living and working there under liberal leadership, seeing the affects it had on residents and the narrow-minded focus due to single party rule and decided to explore the Republican Party. The biggest shock is “learning that there is an actual Republican Party in the District. JaVonni then took the opportunity to use his influence to those suffering in liberal areas with their voice and votes taken for granted even if it meant facing retribution.

Mogul Pundit, is a brand extension of VM3 Media, a Washington, DC based media and communications consulting firm with a decade of event production, business and media strategy experience.