Patrice Lancaster

Business Consultant: Patrice Lancaster
Ms. Lancaster’s professional experience in government and the not-for-profit industry fostered her passion to help people reach their full potential. She provides assistance to individuals, small businesses, and community organizations in the development and implementation of effective public relations strategies including social media consultation and event planning. Ms. Lancaster’s grassroots approach, while unconventional, has allowed her to serve in industries such as fashion, politics, health care, and real estate. Several of her campaigns have been featured in national media and she is a regular contributor to blogs, local radio shows and podcasts.


Happy New Year from VM3 Media!

The year has come to a close, we are happy for all of our supporters and am looking forward to a bright and prosperous new year both here at VM3 Media and to everyone reading this message. In 2015 we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of‘s writer...Read More »

VM3 Media Taps Patrice Lancaster as Business Consultant

The new year has been brought in by tapping Washington Business Consultant Patrice Lancaster to join the team of VM3 Media. From her years of experience in managing political campaigns, grassroots outreach, event planning in areas ranging from government to fashion. After years of working together with VM3 Media Principal...Read More »

Operation “Treating Our Youth” Toy Drive Dec 20, 2015

This afternoon, The Ethnicity Brand in collaboration with Halftime Restaurant, and Lancaster Consultants will be having Operation T.O.Y., a holiday party where guest and patrons will be required to donate a toy to a charitable group for the Holidays. This will be a spectacular event expecting over 200 people including...Read More »