Committed to diversity in topic and a willingness to cater to a diverse audience, our entertainment brand has entered the K-Pop media market. Through a series of articles, album reviews and interviews done by our writer Michael Brewer, is officially expanding into Korean Pop.

K-Pop also known as Korean Popular Music is a music genre that incorporates various styles of popular music from around the world as well as different time periods. The most notable influences include Euro Dance, American Hip-hop, Bubblegum Pop, Motown DooWop, 80s Synthpop and R&B. K-Pop also incorporates highly stylized music videos and high-end live stage performances with engaging choreography. The production values for their visuals are second-to-none in the current music landscape. Their captivating music and dynamic visualization make K-Pop one of the most exciting and exhilarating music scenes on the planet.

From Big Bang, Stellar or Rainbow, you’re covered at for the latest in K Pop. You can follow our K-Pop work here