Public Relations for a Better World

Public Relations for a Better World

Public Relations for a Better WorldPublic Relations for a Better WorldPublic Relations for a Better World

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PR Building

From our in house news outlet PopGlitz.com to a vast social media network, podcasts and radio, we have the ability to  steer direction for your brand avoiding catastrophe, allowing you to open your business up to more potential clientele and stakeholders. 

Crisis Management

A company crises can knock any brand off of their A game and without proper management can spiral out of control and cost far more than what would be necessary if professionals were hired to begin with. Doing so can keep you out of legal action, labor relation concerns, reputation damage and even bankruptcy. Establishing a framework for handling crises both ahead of time and taking swift action during can make the difference in remaining a strong company and striving to retain your current place as a now wounded brand.


With a shift towards social consciousness in corporate culture, finding ways to incorporate your brand into the community giving back, be it the public or private sector is important. Being a good neighbor in society as a corporate brand and keeping yourself engaged with the needs of those around you can both make profound societal changes as well as increase your client base.

About Us

Knowledge & Experience

Specializing in brand management, communication needs, social media marketing and news writing and 15 years of experience in corporate and artistic event planning, show production, promotion and copywriting, VM3 Media is managed by JaVonni Brustow, Founder of pop culture news publication PopGlitz and serves as a media consultant. 

Building Great Reputations

As you work on both building and seeking to maintain your reputation, one fatal mistake can wipe it all away. Reputation is just as important as you product quality and having a designated party to work on ensuring that you have an upstanding reputataion even in the face of both good and bad times will set you apart from your competition and give your brand some stability.

Earned, Not Purchased

Advertising is what you pay for and publicity is what you pray for. You can craft and pay for the best ads possible but remember, this is unvetted information. Public relations will have your brand vouched for by independent sources giving you instant credibility.

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